The Deadlift is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact and is unique in its capacity for increasing Head-to-toe strength.  Whether you want to “jump start” your metabolism, increase strength gains, increase lean body mass, decrease fat mass, improve athletic performance, maintain functional independence as a senior or even REHABILITATE your back, the Deadlift is a sure way to tick all the boxes.

The Deadlift quite simply is no more than the safe and sound approach by which any object SHOULD be lifted from the ground!

The deadlift’s primal functionality, whole-body nature, and mechanical advantage with large loads suggest its strong neuroendocrine impact, and for most athletes the deadlift delivers such a quick boost in general strength and sense of power that its benefits are easily understood.

If you want to get stronger, improve your deadlift. Driving your deadlift up can nudge your other lifts upward, especially the Olympic lifts.

Fear of the deadlift abounds, but like fear of the squat, it is groundless. No exercise or regimen will protect the back from the potential injuries of sport and life or the certain ravages of time like the deadlift.

BUT the contrary is always mentioned about this lift.

(Transcript of actual conversation)

Doc: Many of my patients shouldn’t be doing the deadlift.

Coach: Which ones are those, Doc?

Doc: Many are elderly, marginally ambulatory, and frail/feeble and osteoporotic.

Coach: Doc, would you let such a patient, let’s say an old woman, walk to the store to get cat food?

Doc: Sure, If the walk weren’t too far, I’d endorse it.

Coach: All right, suppose after walking home she came up to the front door and realized that her keys were in her pocket. Is she medically cleared to set the bag down, get her keys out of her pocket, unlock the door, pick the bag back up, and go in?

Doc: Of course, that’s essential activity

Coach: As I see it the only difference between us is that I want to show her how to do this “essential activity” safely and soundly and you don’t.

Doc: I see where you’re going. Good point.

Coach: Doc, we haven’t scratched the surface.

This is just an example and explanation as to why I have taken the time to write this article.  Most clients in the gym are afraid of this movement but are challenged by it every singly day in everyday life.  Why not train for it? Try not to be so quick to be against the Deadlift, as it is a LIFE MOVEMENT and we have no choice but to use it and embrace it. The Deadlift does not cause the majority of injuries, LACK of training this movement does.

Train Smart, Train Elite


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