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Meal Planning: Your Thirty-Day Menu

I realize that finding out about eating plans can be tough and also can take up a lot of our time, especially when you have someone like me come along and tell/recommend that you stop eating all those “awesome” foods like bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes.  Keep in mind, I am not saying no to Carbohydrates, I am saying no to starch. My previous posts will tell you why.

Anyway, getting back to the point, over the next 30 Days I will be posting a full days menu for Breakfast, Lunch, And Supper, Including a snack between Lunch and Supper.  I will also give you recipes for foods that aren’t so straight forward. If you follow My 30 day plan I can guarantee promising results. The food and their recipes in this thirty-day plan are simple (mostly).  Every meal of every day cannot be a grand event.  But the weekends get a little more involved, as these are the times you will spend time and hang out with friends and family and have a little more time to ‘get fancy’.  You will notice that the breakfasts and lunches of many days are left overs from previous nights dinner.  Thats called “planning ahead!!”

The following meal plans and recipes are merely suggestions.  Feel free to modify them to suit your tastes and make use of what ingredients you have available.

The snacks are optional.  I have included them to help those who like to snack, but three good meals per day is fine.  If you are serious about fat loss, you may want to omit fruit and snacks.  Adjust the portion sizes as needed, as there are no harmful starches in this plan, everything is good for you and will boost your performance.  Also, be sure to make some recipes in large quantities for later use.. PLANNING AHEAD IS KEY IN A BUSY LIFESTYLE.

Menu items marked with an asterisk(*), will have recipes provided for, the others require no other preparation.

If you decide to give this Thirty-day challenge a go TRACK YOUR PROGRESS!

Take photos:

Take photos in the same clothing, take photos from the side and front view, and back . Get a close-up of your face both frontal and profile. Update photos each week.

Tape It:

1.  Measure your waist at your narrowest point, use your belly button as a reference point and thread the tape around you, meeting again at the front. Repeat this three times, add all three measurements together and divide it by 3. This will give you an accurate estimation of your waist, and according to Robb Wold , it will earn you a Jr. Scientist First-Class Award.

2.  Measure your hips at the widest part. Repeat this three times, add the numbers together and divide the total by 3. Like you did for your waist measurement.  This is your hip measurement .

3. Take your waist measurement and divide it by your hip measurement.


Track this number every 2 weeks, and try do it at the same time of the day every time, to minimize  variables such as fluid retention.

I look foreword to leading you to a better way in which you see yourself.  Please remember, although it all starts with Nutrition Training is important if you are serious about fat loss. Even if you take a long walk 3 times a week. KEEP AS ACTIVE AS POSSIBLE. And feel free to comment on the blog or e-mail me at train for any questions. Good luck and enjoy the small introduction to the Paleo Lifestyle.

Train Smart, Train Elite

About DiabeticAthletic (19 Articles)
A type 1 Diabetic and a firm believer that hard work produces the best results and that there is no easy road to success. Nicholas Caracandas is the owner of City Bowl Fitness - Strength and Conditioning as well as the TopShape online training portal called Nicholas has been in the game for just over a decade. With more than 600 clients under his belt and over 5000 hours of personal training completed his knowledge and ability to deliver results are unparalleled. Starting off specialising in Kettlebell training and boxing he became head coach and programmer for CrossFit Mother City's Strength and Conditioning program. He runs the Bikini Body Challenge at City Bowl Fitness which specialises in female weight loss and overall body sculpting. Being a type 1 Diabetic for 21 years he has a vast knowledge on Nutrition and healthy living with a vast understanding of tried and tested training methods capable of delivering any goals you may want and need. Nicholas works at 4 facilities around Cape Town and is the proud bid winner of a 2017 Government contract to provide services to profile government employees. Weight loss, lean muscle mass, sport specific training, performance training and injury rehabilitation are just some the services on offer. No matter your goal, shape or size he is one of the few trainers that offer a money back guarantee.

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