My current lifestyle started 17 years ago.  The day I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes I knew that I stood at a crossroad, and was facing two choices.  Having a mother with 5 years of being a type 1 diabetic behind her, I knew my options were limited.  One option was to carry on as I was, and start my diabetic life in denial, OR realize that life had thrown one of its curve-balls my way, and it was up to me to decide my fate.

At first the change was very difficult and it was hard for me to adapt, but it is only the unknown that we fear.

I very quickly realized in my first year, that Nutrition and Exercise had many benefits to the control of diabetes. Three years later I found myself taken over and consumed by Exercise and healthy eating habits.

I am now Owner and Strength and Conditioning Coach at City Bowl Fitness – Strength and Conditioning, and run a website devoted to Performance Based Training and Nutrition called Diabetic as well an the TopShape Academy !

The training of my clients and myself is performance based and 100% result driven.  Not only does this mean muscle gain and fat loss, but more importantly deals with strength, power, flexibility, agility, endurance, overall performance, and energy.

Diabetes is an energy disease and through the right exercise and nutrition BEFORE medication, I have found a way to control my diabetes, and energy levels like never before.

Not only has my HbA1c ( 3 month average), dropped down dramatically, but the total amounts of units of insulin administered per day have more than halved.

I have gone from giving 82 units of long and short acting insulin combined, to a total of 30 units a day, with an average sugar level reading of 7.5 mmol.

I am not claiming to be the perfect diabetic, as we all have our weak moments, but I am claiming that determination and the willingness to improve your current situation especially where health is concerned, is easy because the choice is ultimately ours and ours alone.

My lifestyle and my diabetes have equally contributed to getting me to where I am today.

Currently I am among the top 100 Fittest Athletes in Africa, as well as having the opportunity to use my Diabetes to educate those around me, and my clients about the healthiest way of living, and to not take our health for granted.

Diabetes is a “Silent Killer”, if left untreated and poorly controlled.  It doesn’t have to be a problem, but rather a nudge in the right direction.

Passing away before our time is easy, it is the loved ones we leave behind that are important to remember.


  1. Nick – WELL DONE!! You are SUCH an example to those that still remain in denial about their health challenges. SO much can be helped and healed through healthy eating and proper exercise. What you are doing in terms of education is amazing! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your support Tania. I am always happy to help anyone who is willing to ask and listen. Im glad the training and eating habits are working for you.. Super proud of the fact youre doing toes-to-bar and have your kipping down !! 😉

      When you can come join me for a workout. I need a bit of competition every now and then 🙂 hehe

  2. Nicholas,
    such an inspiration to me and to many others who through ignorance see diabetes as a disease that exempts one from a ‘normal’ lifestyle. Understanding our bodies and in turn respecting them allows us to fulfill those dreams….. you are a living example…thank you xx

  3. Nicholas – i believe we met when I was in Cape Town. I am from Malibu. I lost my daughter in Cape Town. perhaps you remember me. Anyhow, I want to introduce you to my friend who just turned 60. Ex Navy Seal. I want to patch ain a phone call to see if I cant get him off the dime.

    I need your phone number and best possible times to reach you . Please advise. Howdy

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