I have always struggled with my weight my earliest memory being 10 years old, going with my dad to Weight Watchers and as quick as my colourful ribbons got stapled on my book(which was an indication of kilograms lost) they got pulled off. This has been the story of my life right into my 30’s “ribbons being won then ribbons being yanked away’. We all know every girl has a pair of jeans in her  cupboard they label  “their skinny jeans” Well I have not been able to get mine over my thighs  for over 6 years. My kick in my but came when I couldn’t even fit into my “fat jeans” – I needed an intervention; that intervention came in the form of a trainer with serious bite, dedication, constant encouragement and skill.

Now it takes a very special trainer to take me on as a client – im not exactly a dream.  I’m stubborn, I get bored of routine, the only gym I like, is spelt J.I.M, and I get distracted easily by my social life. But hey  my trainer knew exactly how to lure me in by not inviting me to take the 3 month challenge? Now who would dare not invite a “sociallite” so I took it upon myself to invite myself! And one thing about me(which he knew) is I love to prove people who underestimate me wrong! There was no way out and my fate was sealed for 3 months.

News Flash – to those of you who are actually reading this, there is no quick fix! So sad but so true. It is damn hard – he pushed me to my limit when it came to,  training to my capacity, eating right and keeping me emotionally on track. A wise man once told me sweat is fat crying and always remember cheaters don’t lose centimeters.

3 months later – Gym is now part of my vocabulary(I try to maintain 5/6 sessions a week), I’m making healthy eating choices, I am strong and fit, my life is balanced, and guess what I had to throw away my skinny jeans and get 2 sizes smaller!

My weapon of mass destruction – Nicholas Caracandas

A huge thank you

18kg lighter Lee-Anne

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