As always my clients are the motivation for most of my articles and posts. This weekend it was taken to another level . While away with some good friends, a rule was made that the word “MINE” and the number “10” cannot be mentioned without the penalty prize of 10 Push-ups. To cut a long story short the majority of my time there was spent laughing and doing Push-ups. Close to 700 if you must know.

Now I know you must be wondering “what does this have to do with burpees?”. The fact that I was doing 9+1 Push-ups every 15 minutes for the duration of my stay got me thinking that it was OK to be indulging in a little bit of weekend treats as I was probably burning negative calories the whole time anyway. As nice as that is, imagine you had to do push-ups every time you ate ?

(Drum roll please)…. BURPEE EQUIVALENCE !! Imagine, instead of reading how many grams of sugar are in that Bar-One, you saw a Burpee Equivalent to the calories you were about to consume? Would you still eat that chocolate if you had to do 254 Burpees ? That is 20 minutes of Bupees for 1 Bar-One Chocolate !

Now you are probably wondering why Burpees ? Why not a nice slow paced long run on the promenade ? Or a walk on that treadmill ? The fact that long slow paced EASY methods have the potential to burn more muscle than fat is just one reason. That is another article all on its own . People are realising more and more that easy doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. You can go to Glomail and buy the latest product. Just be sure to remind yourself how much progress you COULD have made if you didn’t waste so much time running from hard work !

Side note: Burpees are Far better for Endurance than any slow easy long run could ever be.

Just as with jogging, skipping, jumping jacks etc the amount of calories you burn during that activity will vary depending on speed of activity, height/distance of movement and most importantly your body weight.
Vigorous body weight exercises like Burpees burn approximately 560 calories an hour for a 70kg (155 lb) person. Or about 470 calories per hour for someone weighing  60kg (130 lbs).

So at  64kg’s (141 lb) you would be burning approximately 500 calories per hour… An hour of burpees… hmmmm sounds fun.

So from this you can time yourself doing 100 burpees and then can figure out roughly how many calories it burns.

I have Listed a couple of items that you SHOULD feel bad about eating anyway, but just incase it has NO effect on your conscience… Read Below :

The numbers of burpees per minute are high ! For the average person, you would probably do about half the amount of burpees per minute.. Note it states the time frame “OR” a quantitive amount.

– 1 minute OR (25 burpees), will burn about 8 calories
– 5 minutes OR (85 burpees), you’ll burn about 41 calories
– 10 minutes OR (150 burpees), you’ll burn about 83 calories
– 20 minutes OR (200 burpees), you’ll burn about 166 calories
– 30 minutes OR (275 burpees),  you’ll burn about 250 calories

White Bread ( 2 slices ) : 170 Calories : 200 BURPEES

Milk ( 200ml ) : 100 Calories : 150 BURPEES

Pizza (Regular/plain ) : 1400 Calories : 1650 BURPEES

Tomato Sauce ( 100g ) : 111 Calories : 170 BURPEES

Pepper Steak Pie ( convenience store ) : 400-500 Calories : 550 BURPEES

MacDonalds ( Big Mac Meal – Large ) : 1350 Calories : 1375 BURPEES

Kit Kat Chocolate ( 45g/4 finger ) : 234 Calories : 230 BURPEES

Can of Coke (340ml) : 250 Calories : 275 BURPEES

Brandy ( per shot ) : 207 calories : 210 BURPEES

Sushi ( California Rolls / 1 Roll ) : 250 Calories : 275 BURPEES

Its Important to understand that I don’t count Calories ! I Eat Meat and Vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and No Sugar. This Article is to make you aware of how easy it is to throw your HARD work way. My clients within my TopShape academy  work REALLY HARD, and it would be a shame to see them ( and every one else ), throw it away . And if you do, at least you know how FAR you are  throwing it. MEASURE, OBSERVE ,REPEAT 😉

Thanks for Visiting Diabetic Athletic .

TrainElite Caracandas

*These amounts are based on People with an average muscle mass and and not taking Afterburn into consideration.


  1. Exactly the information I was looking for, great post. I typically related the calorie intake to running, as I am not a fan. The burpee is a far better workout n can “easily” be done at home. I took note the burn chart even if it’s just as a reference. I actually looked up your gym but your a bit far, I’m in New Jersey. Thx

  2. Thank you for the burpee equivalents! We just did Riley at CFID and I was trying to figure out how many calories I burned. Now I know I burned one glass of milk!

  3. I like your approach but I have a feeling you’ve never tried burpees before. A good formed Burpee, chest to ground and a six inch vertical jump yields about 1.25 calories each per several devices used in my classes. 25 per minute is not possible, a well practiced stud might rip out 15 per minute but that pace has not been held for 5 min in any of our 5 min Burpee Challeges.

    1. Hi there . Thank you for visiting my site as well as taking time to comment . I must just correct you when you speak of burpees as well as my abilities. I am very aware of what a correct burpee is as I am A CrossFit Box owner , 7 year Personal Trainer and Competitor. I am Infact able to finish 20 burpees in a minute as well as do it for more than just a minute . Myself and my Clients can this as well the fact we just tested tested a month or so ago. 8 of us did 66 in 3 minutes and I did 120 in 7 minutes , all with a 6″ target.

      The article is not meant to create belief that doing that many burpees is possible, but rather portray the message that we can all relate to how difficult it would be to burn those calories if doing burpees was the way in which to do so.
      Thank for visiting and thanks for the feedback !

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