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Six Pack For Summer ? Here is How.



Are you desperate to get 6 pack abs quickly?  I have read many articles and seen it advertised, ” Four easy moves for the ultimate six pack”, or ” Do this for an immediate flat stomach etc etc. Thats NOT possible !  There are many truths about abdominal training. But here is the bottom line : Firstly, you must be willing to commit and do whatever it takes to get the six pack abs. Second you must realise Six packs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym. And last but not least, Weight loss is NOT a physical challenge, it is a mental one !


Thing is, everyone has a “six pack” . The reason I put this phrase in inverted commas, is because the number of ‘packs’ you have is genetically predetermined. Yes, you either have it or you don’t. Do not despair ! All I mean is that if you are the guy chasing after that elusive 8 pack and only have 4 abdominals visible ( and have hardly any body fat ), chances are that, that is all you have. Make the most of it and make those 4 blocks as visible as possible 🙂

I am going to tell you how !

This article will lists the most important aspects that you have to get right if you want to have any chance of getting your 6 pack.

(Remember even if you just START doing one or two things on my list, you are doing better than before .),  Its a lifestyle 🙂

1. Build Up Your Lean Muscle

The most important thing to do is to lose the layer of stomach fat covering the abs. Cardio alone is not going to help much. The best way to do this would be to raise your body’s metabolism throughout the day, and you need to build up lean muscle to accomplish that. Lean muscle can be built by doing strength/resistance training with weights, but they don’t necessarily have to be very heavy unless you want to need to use heavy weights. Always remember to consume some form of protein after your workouts.

Have a look at my YouTube Channel for a video I made called the 6 laws of building muscle. Channel link:  TopShape Academy 

2. Eat More Of The Right Foods

Try not to eat too large quantities of food per meal. It would be good if you can divide your daily  meals up into 5 or more smaller meals each day. This keeps your metabolism high throughout the day, burning your body fat even when you are not working out. Also ensure that your meals contain a good mix of Fibre, protein and healthy carbohydrates like vegetables and fruits. I personally replace my Carbs with Fats ( Avo, coconut oil, almonds etc ), or just reduce my Carb intake and up my fats with every meal. But that is me ;-).


3. Do Ab Exercises, But Don’t Overdo Them

Many people misunderstand Ab training and tend to overdo them. It is a necessary step but not the only step, which most people seem to think so as I see people just doing their crunches all day long without much success. Ab exercises are useful for strengthening your abs, but almost useless when they come to fat burning or burning fat in order to show the Abs.

Also, it does not mean that the more reps you do, the faster you will get six packs. The Ab exercises you perform must provide enough resistance to your abs, which means that if you have already done many crunches before, it is time to move on to more challenging ones like hanging leg raises. Squats, Front Squats, Overhead Squats, Back Squats ( Lo Bar  + Hi Bar ), Deadlifts and Thrusters are all in my Ab routine. Use these exercises as they are just as effective if not more than crunches . Please note we are talking about ABS here… not core strength. Ab exercises being supported by a bench and floor do not aid Core Strength.


4. Eat NO artificial sugars, sweeteners, fruit juices, honey, agave nectar, chocolate (and you know what else could come in this group), etc


5. Drink NO alcohol, whether beer and wine, or rum, whisky, etc.
6. Eat NO grains, including rice, wheat, corn, etc., including hidden forms, for example, batter-fried chicken (the batter contains grain).
7. Eat NO processed foods at all. This includes breads, chips, biscuits, cake, savouries, ice cream, pizza, etc.


8. Eat (all) vegetables, be mindful of the ones with high carbs  ie potatoes.
9. Eat (all) fruits, but no fruit juices. Do not exceed three portions a day.
10. Eat (preferably lean) meats and eggs.

Best for last is : WORKOUT !!!! YES WORK FOR IT !! Nothing comes easy. The mental game is hard but its training that will finish this thing off . Im not going tell you HOW to train, but get some exercise in. Aim for 10 – 45 min per day ( depending on the intensity level you are working at ), and do not cheat yourself.! Remember rest is just as important as we reap the rewards of training when we recover .

Remember, We all have great looking tummies ! Its just hidden under those drunk nights and  midnight snacks :-). Its how bad you want it that really matters. If you hang out with people that cant care about your goals and the dream of getting that stomach you always wanted, then you’re doomed ! Its takes determination and discipline ! Like minded social circles help and are necessary if you are ever going to succeed .

Yours In Training

Nicholas TrainElite Caracandas



About DiabeticAthletic (19 Articles)
A type 1 Diabetic and a firm believer that hard work produces the best results and that there is no easy road to success. Nicholas Caracandas is the owner of City Bowl Fitness - Strength and Conditioning as well as the TopShape online training portal called Nicholas has been in the game for just over a decade. With more than 600 clients under his belt and over 5000 hours of personal training completed his knowledge and ability to deliver results are unparalleled. Starting off specialising in Kettlebell training and boxing he became head coach and programmer for CrossFit Mother City's Strength and Conditioning program. He runs the Bikini Body Challenge at City Bowl Fitness which specialises in female weight loss and overall body sculpting. Being a type 1 Diabetic for 21 years he has a vast knowledge on Nutrition and healthy living with a vast understanding of tried and tested training methods capable of delivering any goals you may want and need. Nicholas works at 4 facilities around Cape Town and is the proud bid winner of a 2017 Government contract to provide services to profile government employees. Weight loss, lean muscle mass, sport specific training, performance training and injury rehabilitation are just some the services on offer. No matter your goal, shape or size he is one of the few trainers that offer a money back guarantee.

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