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Wool, Eyes, Fitness Facilities and Exercise

Wool, Eyes, Facilities and Exercise

People think its all about handstands, jumping on the rings, flips and lifting weights, When actually our work is way beyond that.

Its completely different to exercise and in fact a huge paradigm shift in the way you think about your practise, your movement and your body.

We all have a body and we all move, we have no choice. The only question is how well are we doing it ? Most people just don’t have the user manual for their own machinery.

At City Bowl Fitness – Strength and Conditioning ( CBFSC ) as well as CrossFit Mother City ( CFMC ), I try to promote reaction. Planning is of utmost importance, but how we react to what we plan is most important of all.

Consistency is key to success in any endeavour and when embracing on a fitness journey, we lose sight of how important it is to keep going and not to remember WHY we started in the first place.

Plan – React and keep reacting. Be consistent and rewards will follow. We get demotivated when results and progress are slow, never realising that even slow progress is is still progress. Most people that see what we do here at City Bowl Fitness / CrossFit Mother City and have one of two reactions.

The first is the “ Im not fit or good enough to do that “ reaction, and the second is the “ Where do I start “, reaction.

If you are already at this point it means you have reacted to a thought and realisation process that will hopefully lead to a shift in the way you look at your budding fitness journey.

Heres where we look for answers. Most of us will find the nearest gym or take friends advice as to where they are getting exercised, and thats just it. Exercise is not the same as training. Anyone can exercise, all you need to do is google “ Best butt workouts for woman “ – as I’m sure some people and even Personal Trainers do.

You need to find a place that will address your movement. You must find a facility that will address the way you move, they way you approach your health and fitness, as well as a place that helps you improve outside of the gym.

In my last 7 years I Have found that the people are happy to pay for exercise. You know, those Boxing / Booty Blast Classes you join that make you feel like you’re going to puke or that you have never sweated more in your life so it must be working. Those tread and shred classes or tight ass Tuesday workouts that have 20 – 40 people in a class that use flashy lights and state of the art machines, not to mention a Dj playing while you train, and thats great right ? BUT It isn’t something I would pay a premium for.

These  classes/workouts are generic exercise routines and SHOULD be cheap. There is no personalisation, progression, programming, Coaching, Effort, Individual attention or scalability into how this should be positively effecting the way in which you operate in everyday life, as well as in everything reality puts in your path. I’m talking about ACTUAL COACHING/TEACHING, not the personal trainer ( or personal Commentator ), yelling your rep count and stroking your ego.

My answer is that there is no easy answer, and you need to do the research.

If you are at this point where you want to find out about movement training or a QUALITY training program, or you know you want to be excited about it and you know the importance of it and don’t want to lose sight of it, you need to ignite that motivation and inspiration by doing your due diligence. We live in a time of Marketing Savvy people who will sell you a bad program because its business and nothing else.

This research can be free. Go online use what people put out there, use what I put out there even. The more you research the more it becomes like pulling a piece of string and eventually it will unravel. It will start a chain of reactions.

You need a practise. Everyone needs a practise. We need to look at it in this way. There is very little difference between Jui-Juitsu, Running, and the sports we played in school. Its all movement practise. A GOOD program gives you the tools you need to dive deeper and develop your practise.

At City Bowl Fitness – Strength and Conditioning and CrossFit Mother City we offer a very Personal  perspective, we develop our members and athletes in a very non compromising yet very demanding approach. Helping people on such a personal level it limits us in some way, yet this Quality over Quantity approach is the reason our doors are always open.

Being limited by the amount of people we are able to train due to the desire to maintain Quality Coaching Control may be seen as a negative, but it is in fact an active choice as the training we provide far surpasses the desire to fill classes with Rand signs.

As I said in the beginning, there is no easy answer.

The first step into your research is to visit and sign up for the FREE Intro Course. Here is where we get to assess you as an individual and assess you movements and goals, limitations and abilities. This MUST be understood by your coach ( the person you are paying ), before you embark on any real Fitness / Strength and Conditioning Program.

This is only the beginning of your research. This is pulling the first string. After this you are going to have to put in some hard work, In order to write the user manual for your body and in the end do what ever you wish with that new able body you have created.

It is imperative you don’t get sucked in to the generic step classes, Tight ass Tuesday, Burn 1100 classes etc. Take a Pot and a Pan, put on the UV lights, get some friends and some music and jump up and down for an hour.. You will Burn close to 1000 calories and pay NOTHING.

If you do your research, stay away from Fads, trainers throwing around the latest words in Fitness, choose a facility that sells real work / hard work, with no empty promises and/or magic pills, you will walk away with more than the Lower fat % and toned legs.

You will walk away with a lifestyle ! You will walk away having written your own user manual for the high performance machine we all are.

( Remember High Performance is relative. Still, playing bat and ball with your grandkids is what I call real performance in real everyday life )

Thanks for reading.

Nicholas Caracandas

Owner of City Bowl Fitness – Strength and Conditioning and CrossFit Mother City.

About DiabeticAthletic (30 Articles)
A type 1 Diabetic and a firm believer that hard work produces the best results and that there is no easy road to success. Functional and Crossfit Training are my FAVOURITE training styles, "I train for LIFE, not to look good in a mirror! After all... What is a Ferrari , without its engine.." Nicholas Caracandas is the owner of City Bowl Fitness - Strength and Conditioning and has been in the game for just under a decade. With more than 600 clients under his belt and over 5000 hours of personal training completed his knowledge and ability to deliver results are unparalleled. Starting off specialising in Kettlebell training and boxing he became head coach and programmer for CrossFit Mother City's Strength and Conditioning program. He runs the Bikini Body Challenge at City Bowl Fitness which specializes in female weight loss and overall body sculpting. Being a type 1 Diabetic for 19 years he has a vast knowledge on Nutrition and healthy living with a vast understanding of tried and tested training methods capable of delivering any goals you may want and need. Nicholas works at 4 facilities around Cape Town and is the proud bid winner of a 2017 Government contract to provide services to profile government employees. Weight loss, lean muscle mass, sport specific training, performance training and injury rehabilitation are just some the services on offer. No matter your goal, shape or size he is one of the few trainers that offer a money back guarantee.

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