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City Bowl Fitness – Top Strength Facility in Cape Town

City Bowl Fitness – Strength and Conditioning: Philosophy

Our roadmap starts with the end in mind and endures the test of time. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we will weigh all our ACTIONS and decisions.

  1. To inspire achievement of Fitness Goals.
  2. To be the premier brand in Fitness Training by upholding an unwavering attention to perfect form & movement.
  3. To offer world class coaching and to inspire achievement and surpassing of fitness goals. We will strive to unlock the inner athlete.
  4. To create a community of people by delivering an innovative, differentiated and unique training experience.
  5. To evolve the mindset of all, that aesthetics are a by-product of athletic performance.

City Bowl Fitness – Strength and Conditioning varies its training in order to keep the body guessing. All movements that are taught are transferable to anything you do outside the gym. We teach people how to move and perform better in every aspect of everyday life.  In simple terms – You are able to apply your fitness and skills taught by us in everything that you do. All workouts are carried out with a relatively high level of intensity with one goal in mind – Increased work capacity. We build our athletes and members up, in order to adapt the ability to fit more work in LESS time . This is the definition of Fitness.

Our philosophy is to deliver a highly professional service and level of training to all. Our coaches thrive for perfection within their own service delivery and in each and everyone of their students. Our product is not exclusive to the fit athlete, but to anyone. The reason City Bowl Fitness is so successful is because ANYONE can do it, no matter what your level of fitness is. All our workouts can be scaled to anyone’s fitness capabilities. Through this approach we view our training as not just all inclusive in regards to fitness, but all inclusive in regards to our City Bowl Fitness family.

Our doors are open – if you are not afraid to work and want to achieve unimaginable health and fitness goals, City Bowl Fitness is your new home.

About DiabeticAthletic (30 Articles)
A type 1 Diabetic and a firm believer that hard work produces the best results and that there is no easy road to success. Functional and Crossfit Training are my FAVOURITE training styles, "I train for LIFE, not to look good in a mirror! After all... What is a Ferrari , without its engine.." Nicholas Caracandas is the owner of City Bowl Fitness - Strength and Conditioning and has been in the game for just under a decade. With more than 600 clients under his belt and over 5000 hours of personal training completed his knowledge and ability to deliver results are unparalleled. Starting off specialising in Kettlebell training and boxing he became head coach and programmer for CrossFit Mother City's Strength and Conditioning program. He runs the Bikini Body Challenge at City Bowl Fitness which specializes in female weight loss and overall body sculpting. Being a type 1 Diabetic for 19 years he has a vast knowledge on Nutrition and healthy living with a vast understanding of tried and tested training methods capable of delivering any goals you may want and need. Nicholas works at 4 facilities around Cape Town and is the proud bid winner of a 2017 Government contract to provide services to profile government employees. Weight loss, lean muscle mass, sport specific training, performance training and injury rehabilitation are just some the services on offer. No matter your goal, shape or size he is one of the few trainers that offer a money back guarantee.

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