Weight loss Vs Fat Loss – Whats the difference ? Is there one ? Some say you should throw your scale away ! Some say you should only be concerned about fat loss !

How do you work out Muscle mass vs Fat mass without the scales total ? How is it that just because most people and even some personal trainers don’t know how to manage their clients and teach them about what numbers are important and what numbers aren’t … Do we think it is ok and necessary to discard a method of measure entirely just because most are unaware how it works ?



I’ve said it many times and for my own safety and for yours il say it again… The scale will never and can never measure your worth. It wont tell you what it is weighing and it certainly can’t measure progress. However, please don’t disregard the need for a scale.

You’re misinformed by those that choose to become insta famous ( INSTAGRAM famous ), just because they successfully lost a bit of weight and they need a following so they tell you what you  want to here. You know.. stuff like: You’re perfect and the scale is not important . Ok, you are perfect BUT the scale has some importance.

Weighing yourself should occur every 4-6 weeks, NOT EVERYDAY. If you weigh yourself daily, then let it be known that you are the very reason for this article. Weighing yourself this often is giving you false results. Remember that water weight and salt intake can make you fluctuate in weight more than you could imagine. Just going to the toilet for a number 2 can give you false hope of progress ( if weight loss is the goal that is ).

You need to know what to look for and when to look for it. Body Fat should always be going down, while muscle mass should always be A) preserved, or B) on the gradual rise. This is tested by using calipers for body compositions. Calculations to work out fat mass/LBM and the scale to aid with these calculations. Resistance training ( not cardio ), has got to be present in order to take care of point B – Muscle preservation/gain.

Heres the thing: If you cant measure it, you cant manage it !

If you are 155kg/290lb should you be worried about LBM(lean body mass), ?…. NO. Should you be doing triceps exercises within a rep range of 8-12 reps over 5 sets?…. NO.. What on earth for ? Do you clean the toilet while making dinner ? NO, one thing at a time! Tell your trainer to stop spending 15-30 minutes doing 1 rep max squats with you.. Getting rid of the fat is what you’re there for ..

My video goes into more detail and explains this a little more.

If you are overwhelmed it’s totally ok. If you are paying somebody for help and they are overwhelmed… well guess what, thats on you !

Get proper help. You should be able to lose 1kg per week if you are on a good quality, educated and controlled training and nutrition plan. Don’t believe me ? Try me. First get a refund from your current con artist, brand labeled trainer and try choosing a trainer that does TRAINING rather than cheap group class exercises and insta stories about your session for their own personal gain. Choose a better charity to donate your hard-earned money too.

Results driven training has got to not only produce the desired results, it also has to educate you about the way in which you can make and sustain these results. Otherwise whats the point ? Paying for temporary results .. Heck, some aren’t even that lucky… they just pay.

I have linked a video here on the difference between fat loss and weight loss. This video is the main message. Watch the video if you are needing the advise, or share it with those that could use the help.

When done correctly training and nutrition should produce amazing results over a period of 12-16 weeks. If you are putting in the effort and have NOT reaped rewards in this time period, then try topshope.club .  Its personalised, it gets results and its the same price as what your trainer charges you for 1 session.

Get help with your nutrition and get those results. You don’t need a gym membership ( its does help), you need to get your eating in check. Good nutrition plans allow you to eat the things you like and enjoy, they don’t exclude, and they deliver results.

There is a lot of misleading information out there. If you try something and it doesn’t work.. move on. Get those results you deserve.


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