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” I had to throw away my skinny jeans and get 2 sizes smaller! “

I have always struggled with my weight my earliest memory being 10 years old, going with my dad to Weight Watchers and as quick as my colourful ribbons got stapled on my book(which was an indication of kilograms lost) they got pulled off. This has been the story of my life right into my 30’s “ribbons being won then ribbons being yanked away’. We all know every girl has a pair of jeans in her  cupboard they label  “their skinny jeans” Well I have not been able to get mine over my thighs  for over 6 years. My kick in my but came when I couldn’t even fit into my “fat jeans” – I needed an intervention; that intervention came in the form of a trainer with serious bite, dedication, constant encouragement and skill.

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Fashion and Grooming Editor Takes a ‘Swing’ in The Right Direction

I took on this challenge because I wanted to bulk up and look better in what I wear. Fashion is my life and I enjoy looking good. I decided that it was high time to add some meat to these stylish bones. There was one problem, though: I hadn’t seen the inside of a gym in five years. A friend recommended City Bowl Fitness – Strength and Conditioning ( www.citybowlfitness.co.za ), so I went for it and met with personal trainer Nicholas Caracandas. 

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How My Lifestyle Has Helped My Diabetes

My current lifestyle started 17 years ago.  The day I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes I knew that I stood at a crossroad, and was facing two choices.  Having a mother with 5 years of being a type 1 diabetic behind her, I knew my options were limited.  One option was to carry on as I was, and start my diabetic life in denial, OR realize that life had thrown one of its curve-balls my way, and it was up to me to decide my fate.

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What the 3 Month Challenge Did For Me

Cue violins: Two years ago I was trying on boots and couldn’t zip them up without another pair of hands to help case my legs in like sausages. There are a lot of things I couldn’t do two years ago. I struggled to walk long distances. Climbing stairs was an Everest expedition. I struggled to bend over to pick things up: If it fell on the floor, it stayed there. I couldn’t run; I couldn’t skip; I couldn’t jog… My feet began to hurt if I stood for too long. No wonder, when you consider that I stand at 1.52m and was carrying the same weight as a rugby prop (the really big guys with no necks).


In 2010 I met Nicholas.